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Octave support for PLplot, a plotting library

PLplot is relatively small, portable, freely distributable, and is rich enough to satisfy most users. It has a wide range of plot types including line (linear, log), contour, 3D, fill, and almost 1000 characters (including Greek and mathematical) in its extended font set. The package is designed to make it easy to quickly get graphical output; only a handful of function calls is typically required. For more advanced use, virtually all aspects of plotting are configurable.

This package contains the Octave bindings for PLplot. It provides an almost drop-in replacement for the traditional Gnuplot graphical interface in Octave. Examples are also provided.

Package version:5.9.5-4


This package enables you to use PLplot from within Octave.

You have several advantages over Octave default plotter:

	Use a superior plotting package, having access to dozens
	of plotting commands, enabling you to customize your plots
	at your will,

	Still use the same plot commands that you are familiarized,
	if you really want to,

	Have some new and long waited plotting command scripts.



This keeps growing. Can't be! And will not!

o DONE -- Enable fmt to be a string array, so matrices can get a separated line
  legend for each row/column.
o DONE -- Add function to enable/disable automatic increase in line style as each
  line is plotted. In color, a solid linestyle looks better, in b&w can't be.
o DONE -- mesh() should take into account the user axis()
o DONE -- shade() should ha


There must be more... see ToDo, they are mostly there

0-There is no support for NaNs or Infs

1-There are problems when plotting negative values with logaritm axis.

  A partial fix is provided in 0.3.1. However, the plot line is split into
  several lines.

2-This is not a bug, but a PLplot feature: there is no autoscale, as
  in gnuplot. This means that, after the first plot, after executing ho

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Download octave-plplot_5.9.5-4_amd64.deb

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