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General-purpose genetic algorithm package

PGAPack is a general-purpose, data-structure-neutral, parallel genetic algorithm package being developed at Argonne National Laboratory.

This package contains header files, manual pages, examples and tests. To use pgpack, you need to install the libpgapack-serial ('single cpu') or libpgapack-mpi ('parallel') package.

Package version:1.1.1-3


The test/ directory code can be used via

    gcc -o instverf instverf.c \
    	-O3 -s -Wall -Dlinux -DWL=32 -DFORTRANUNDERSCORE -DFAKE_MPI \
    	-I/usr/include/pgapack-serial -lpgapack-serial1 -lm 

and running instverf in that directory against the precomputed reference data
passes all tests (and just throws up two gcc warnings that can be ignored).

[ The text below is from October 2006 or b


This is the top-level parallel examples directory.  Under it are the
three following directories:

c         -- contains example programs in C
fortran   -- contains example programs in FORTRAN
mgh       -- contains the More, Garbow, and Hillstrom test suite
templates -- contains stub routines for all the user defined routines


Eight example C programs come with PGAPack.  What follows is a listing 
of the names of the programs and a brief description of their function.

classic.c  -- Optimizes Griewank's, Rastrigin's or Schwefel's test function.
              All use a real valued datatype.  The problems are:
		1.  Griewank
		2.  Rastrigin
		3.  Schwefel

dejong.c   -- This program optimizes one of the five functions fro


Seven example FORTRAN programs come with PGAPack.  What follows is a listing 
of the names of the pr


This directory contains the FORTRAN source code of a battery of 18
unconstrained minimization proble


This directory contains stubs for all the PGAPack user defined routines.
Simply cut out the ones you


This is the test directory README.


A simple program to test the accuracy of an 


PGAPack Utilities  -- Simple perl script to convert the fortran examples to 

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