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colored FTP client using GLib

gFTP text version is a multithreaded FTP client running under console and written using GLib.

gFTP features: * simultaneous downloads, * resuming of interrupted file transfers, * file transfer queues, * downloading of entire directories, * FTP and HTTP proxy support, * remote directory caching, * passive and non-passive file transfers, * drag-n-drop support, * bookmarks menu, * support for SSH and SSH2 file transfers, * support FXP transferts, * stop button, and many more features.

Author: Brian Masney <>

Package version:2.0.19-2


gftp (2.0.19-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.3
  * Set debian/compat to 7
  * Update debian/copyright with debian/* files copyright
  * Fix incorrect handling of filename encodings under UTF-8 enviromnent.
    (Closes: #364592) Fixed upstream.
  * Fix missing files and sub-directories (Closes: #344595)
    This is not a bug but gnome choices to not go deeper than 2 dire


2008-11-30 Brian Masney <>
	* debian/changelog - increased the version number

	* debian/* - updated new package files from Debian

	* src/uicommon/gftpui.c - fixed word wrapping in the text port when
	the application first starts up.

	* lib/sslcommon.c - fixed compiler warnings

	* src/gtk/delete_dialog.c - fixed call to g_strdup_printf() where too
	many arguments were passed in 


This package was originally debianized by Martin Schulze on 5 Jan 1999, and
later maintained by Brian E. Ermovick, then Josip Rodinand and, then Aurelien
Beaujean. Today, it's maintained by Xavier Oswald <>.

It was downloaded from

Upstream Authors:
  Copyright (C) 1998-2009 Brian Masney <>

Files: debian/*
  Copyright (C) 2009 Xavier Oswald 

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