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DNS server that pulls data from an LDAP directory

LDAPDNS is a ultra-fast, stable, multithreaded DNS server that pulls data from an LDAP directory. It supports RFC1279 (bind-style), Microsoft Active Directory, and its own directory layouts.
Package version:2.06-3.4


ldapdns / ldapaxfr

welcome to LDAPDNS.

i wrote LDAPDNS simply because there is no other LDAP<->DNS gateway that
I found useful, and infact, there are only two others that I am aware of:
	1. Microsoft Active Directory
	2. BIND+LDAP (patch)

If you need to know why these are completely wrong, go elsewhere, because I'm
not going to explain it in this README.

Still here?

LDAPDNS is a fast, rh


administration tools readme

this assumes ldapdns was setup into /service/ldapdns using ldapdns-conf
first note: these tools ONLY work with the vanila ldapdns system. they're
not suited for Active Directory or BIND. there are existing tools for that.

i also assume that you've installed perl, and at least Net::LDAP.


1.	create a directory off of home called ~/.ldapdns/
	* optional:


the zone-transfer server (ldapaxfr) works similar to djbdns axfrdns except that
it pulls "zones" out of the ldap server.

the zone-transfer server REQUIRES that the AXFR environment variable be set to:
	a single dot
or	a root of the attempted zone
before allowing a zone transfer to occur. AXFR can be disabled (by not setting
the AXFR environment variable, or setting it to an empty string) and ldap


a lot of people are curious as to how ldapdns stacks up to other DNS servers.
[this file looks funn


To configure LDAPDNS, you will need some kind of LDAP browser, or my
administration scripts. See RE


the add_generic_record and set_generic_record tools use a format string to
pack the data properly. 


do you use ldapdns? do you like it? do you want to know how you can help?

1. what direction should


Simple Updates and true replication...This is the future.
Inflexible text files and zone transfers 

Browse inside ldapdns_2.06-3.4_amd64.deb

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         [DIR]usr/ (2)  65535+ mirrors

Download ldapdns_2.06-3.4_amd64.deb

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