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ProFTPD module mod_clamav

Mod_Clamav can be configured to either use Clamd via local unix sockets or TCP sockets. This allows one to combine ProFTPd with Mod_Clamav and Clamd on a system with local unix sockets for minimal administrative overhead and decent security. however, also allows for a large scale deployment with many ProFTPd servers utilizing a separate Clamd host over TCP for scalability and lower administrative overhead.
Package version:0.10-1+b1


Add-on mod_clamav module for ProFTPD in Debian

Note that the Debian version of this module is patched to avoid changing
the mod_core ProFTPD module and to work better with mod_sftp. Thanks
TJ Saunders and the ProFTPD team about that.


proftpd-mod-clamav (0.10-1+b1) sid; urgency=low

  * Binary-only non-maintainer upload for amd64; no source changes.
  * Rebuild against proftpd-dev_1.3.4a

 -- amd64 Builddd Daemon (barber) <>  Mon, 12 Dec 2011 22:25:34 +0000

proftpd-mod-clamav (0.10-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Mahyuddin Susanto ]
  * Initial release (Closes: #618431).

  [ Francesco Paolo 


Upstream-Name: mod_clamav
Upstream-Contact: Joseph Benden <>

Files: *
Copyright: 	2007-2010, Joseph Benden <>
License: GPL-2+

License: GPL-2+
 This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 it under the terms of the GNU G

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Download proftpd-mod-clamav_0.10-1+b1_amd64.deb

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