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OCaml extended with XML types

OCamlDuce is a merger between OCaml and CDuce. It comes as a modified version of OCaml which integrates CDuce features: XML expressions, regular expression types and patterns, iterators. In particular, it extends OCaml with a new kind of values to represent XML documents, fragments, tags and Unicode strings.

OCamlDuce is binary compatible with OCaml: OCaml modules can be used with OCamlDuce, and OCamlDuce modules can be used with OCaml ones, provided they don't export a feature specifically introduced in OCamlDuce.

This package provides modified versions of the OCaml tools (toplevel, native and bytecode compilers, ocamldoc, ocamldep, ocamlfind).

Package version:


OCamlDuce licensing details

OCamlDuce is a merger between two open-source projects: OCaml and
CDuce. OCaml is licensed under modified QPL (for the compiler) and
LGPL-2 (for the library), and CDuce is licensed under a MIT-like
license. The exact terms are in the copyright file.

It generates binaries that are modified versions of the ones provided
by OCaml, with files f


ocamlduce ( unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release, compatible with OCaml 3.12.1

 -- St├ęphane Glondu <>  Tue, 01 Nov 2011 20:49:37 +0100

ocamlduce ( unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release:
    - compatible with OCaml 3.12.0 (Closes: #580102)
    - compatible with recent binutils (Closes: #618089)
  * Fix debian/watch
  * Install native pl

- merge with OCaml 3.12.1
- merge with OCaml 3.12.0
- drop native ocamlducedoc
- fix memory leak issue in NS handling [Stefan Lampe]
- merge with OCaml 3.11.2
- build and install native-code plugin
- build ocamldoc library
- accept also ocaml_cmi_magic_number in objinfo
- merge with OCaml 3.11.1
- remove some GNUisms [Jaap Boender]
- fix -annot [Boris Yakobow


Packaged-By: St├ęphane Glondu <>
Packaged-Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 00:32:19 +0100

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