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create a cd9660 or ffs file system image from a directory tree

NetBSD® makefs(8) creates a file system image from a directory tree without the need for superuser privileges. The MirBSD version fixes ECMA 119, SUSP and RRIP (Rock Ridge) compliance and adds features.

Supported target filesystem types are:

cd9660 ISO 9660 (ECMA 119) compatible filesystem images, with Rock Ridge, El Torito, and other features ffs 4.2FFS, the BSD Fast Filesystem, also known as UFS1; UFS2 (with "-o version=2")

The images created can be of a fixed (predefined) size, given on the command line, or sized automatically. Permission bits are taken from the source directory tree but may be overridden using an mtree file.

Package version:20100306-1



* Upstream development is in both NetBSD® and MirBSD. The latter
  keeps NetBSD®’s code in a vendor branch, with periodic import
  and merge cycles, and applies fixes (especially to cd9660 code)
  as well as more features (such as support for boot-info-table
  and GRUB 2 UUIDs) to the MAIN branch, which is what we take.
  It also contains enough glue code to make it build on Debian


makefs (20100306-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Bump Standards-Version, no relevant change
  * debian/source/format: Enforce "1.0" manually, for now
  * debian/control: Remove DMUA, I'm a DD now
  * New upstream version, with the following change summary:
    - sync with NetBSD® upstream, gives us minor bugfixes and
      support for the Acorn Archimedes (untested)
    - support setting the {creat


This package was debianised by Thorsten Glaser <> on
Thu, 23 Jul 2009 17:03:29 +0000.

$MirOS: contrib/hosted/tg/deb/makefs/debian/copyright,v 1.4 2010/03/07 00:39:16 tg Exp $

It was downloaded from:


NetBSD® makefs is compiled from a collection of source files under
several licences (2-clause, 3-clause an

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