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Perl interface to FLAC file header metadata

Audio::FLAC::Header provides an object-oriented interface to FLAC file header and metadata, it returns a hash containing basic information about a FLAC file, a representation of the embedded cue sheet if one exists, as well as tag information contained in the FLAC file's Vorbis tags.

There is no complete list of tag keys for Vorbis tags, as they can be defined by the user; the basic set of tags used for FLAC files include: ALBUM, ARTIST, TITLE, DATE, GENRE, TRACKNUMBER, COMMENT.

Package version:2.2-2


Header(3pm)      User Contributed Perl Documentation     Header(3pm)

       Audio::FLAC::Header - interface to FLAC header metadata.

               use Audio::FLAC::Header;
               my $flac = Audio::FLAC::Header->new("song.flac");

               my $info = $flac->info();

               foreach (keys %$info) {
                       print "$_: $info->{$_}\n";


libaudio-flac-header-perl (2.2-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Manage debian/patches with quilt again.
    + debian/patches/uninitialized_comment: initialize the length of an empty
      vorbis comment struct to zero before appending to it. (Closes: #484046)

 -- Niko Tyni <>  Tue, 10 Jun 2008 16:28:13 +0300

libaudio-flac-header-perl (2.2-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream r


Revision history for Perl extension Audio::FLAC.

2.2  Sat May 17 00:42:06 PDT 2008
	- Patches from Nick Hall to allow allpictures XS partity & multiple ID3 tag fixes
	- RT #36000 - Don't add vendor string, or change case of tags.
	- RT #36048 - Segfault if FLAC file doesn't contain VENDOR tag.

2.1  Sat May 17 00:42:06 PDT 2008
	- Try and abort cpansmoke before it sends me email.

2.0  Sat Feb 23


* Write out cuesheet & picture blocks.


This is the Debian package for the Audio-FLAC-Header Perl module
originally created by Ivo Marino <e

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