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Perl bindings to the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library

GDAL is a translator library for raster geospatial data formats. As a library, it presents a single abstract data model to the calling application for all supported formats. The related OGR library (which lives within the GDAL source tree) provides a similar capability for simple features vector data.

GDAL supports 40+ popular data formats, including commonly used ones (GeoTIFF, JPEG, PNG and more) as well as the ones used in GIS and remote sensing software packages (ERDAS Imagine, ESRI Arc/Info, ENVI, PCI Geomatics). Also supported many remote sensing and scientific data distribution formats such as HDF, EOS FAST, NOAA L1B, NetCDF, FITS.

OGR library supports popular vector formats like ESRI Shapefile, TIGER data, S57, MapInfo File, DGN, GML and more.

This package contains Perl bindings for GDAL/OGR library.

Package version:1.5.2-3


gdal (1.5.0-3) unstable; urgency=low

   GDAL deprecated the old-style Python binding starting from 1.5 branch, so
   it has been dropped in Debian. Generally you should not experience big
   problems, because almost all API functions are supported by the new
   Swig-based binding. If not, consider that you need to upgrade to the 
   current interface.
   The old bindings use Numeric, the new SWIG


gdal (1.5.2-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * [PATCH] sincos.dpatch: the sincos() function is already defined
    in libm. Hopefully this is the only case of a redefinition
    of a standard weak function. This is exploited casually only in
    case of an optimization because of the reason exposed in


= GDAL/OGR 1.5.2 =

 * #2036 (CPL): Fix precision issues with CPLAtof() functions. 
 * #2386 (OGR): Fix ExecuteSQL() with empty query.
 * #2349 (GML): Fix memory bug in GetNextFeature() when using attribute filter.
 * #2145 (GDAL): Fix segfault when building overviews with USE_RRD YES.
 * #2382 (GDAL): Fix INST_DATA setting (/share/gdal instead of /share)
 * #2369 (AAIGRID): Fix buffer type in Cre


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Upstream Maintainer: Frank

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