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Netcdf-IO for PDL

This is the PDL interface to the Unidata NetCDF library. It uses the netCDF version 3 library to make a subset of netCDF functionality available to PDL users in a clean, object-oriented interface.

Another NetCDF perl interface, which allows access to the entire range of netCDF functionality (but in a non-object-oriented style which uses perl arrays instead of PDLs) is available through Unidata at

The NetCDF standard allows N-dimensional binary data to be efficiently stored, annotated and exchanged between many platforms.

When one creates a new netCDF object, this object is associated with one netCDF file.

Package version:4.03-1


PDL::NetCDF, version 4.01

Allows reading and writing of NetCDF files into and out of PDL objects using
a simple object-oriented interface.  NetCDF is a flexible, binary, portable
file standard for storing gridded data.  One can access netCDF files through
interface libraries in FORTRAN, C/C++ and perl.  Numerous utilities also exist
for manipulating these files.

The following are required for in


NetCDF(3pm)      User Contributed Perl Documentation     NetCDF(3pm)

       PDL::NetCDF - Object-oriented interface between NetCDF files
       and PDL objects.

       Perl extension to allow interface to NetCDF portable binary
       gridded files via PDL objects.

         use PDL;
         use PDL::NetCDF;
         use PDL::Char;

         my $ncobj = PDL::NetCDF->new ("test.n


libpdl-netcdf-perl (4.03-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * new upstream version
  * acknowledge NMU, thanks Gregor Herrmann (closes: #574217).
  * remove postinst/preinst script, documentation index updates are
    handled by dpkg triggers of PDL package now
  * update Standards-Version to 3.8.4
  * add misc:Depends to dependency list (needed due to debhelper)

 -- Henning Glawe <>  F


Revision history for Perl extension PDL::NetCDFobj

0.01  12/31/97
	- original version

0.03  11/30/


This is the debian package for the PDL-NetCDF module.
It was created by Heiko Klein <heiko.klein@met

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