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Python interface to libapt-pkg

The apt_pkg Python interface will provide full access to the internal libapt-pkg structures allowing Python programs to easily perform a variety of functions, such as:

- Access to the APT configuration system - Access to the APT package information database - Parsing of Debian package control files, and other files with a similar structure

The included 'aptsources' Python interface provides an abstraction of the sources.list configuration on the repository and the distro level.

Package version:


Python-apt is a wrapper to use features of apt from python.

It contains the following modules:

C++ Wrapper:
apt_pkg - access to libapt-pkg (wrapper to the lowlevel c++ code)
apt_inst - access to libapt-inst (wrapper to the lowlevel c++ code)

Python module:
WARNING: the API of this module is not stable yet

apt - high level python interface build on top of apt_pkg, ap


In addition to "apt_pkg" and "apt_inst" (that are thin wrappers around
the c++ libapt code) a new python module "apt" is provided since version
0.6.13 of python-apt.

It is a more python like interface to work with libapt (it uses apt_pkg
internally). Although there are already applications written against the new
apt python interface the API may change in the future and should not be
considered s


Channel Definition

The .info files allow to specify a set of default channels that is available
in the dialog "add channel". The .info file whose name corresponds to the
LSB release name is used, e.g. '' on a Ubuntu system.

Furthermore all .info files are used to render the channels presented in the
sources list more user friendly.


Suite:           the 


python-apt ( unstable; urgency=medium

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * data/templates/De


* apt.Package:
  - change all candidateInstalledSize() to installSize(useCandidate=True)
    same fo


jgg Jason Gunthorpe <>
mdz Matt Zimmerman <>
mvo Michael Vogt <mvo@debia


APT is free software; you can redistribute them and/or modify them under 
the terms of the GNU Gener

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