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date and time handling routines for Python

mxDateTime is an extension package that provides three new object types, DateTime, DateTimeDelta and RelativeDateTime, which let you store and handle date/time values in a much more natural way than by using ticks (seconds since 1.1.70 0:00 UTC; the encoding used by the time module).

You can add, subtract and even multiply instances, pickle and copy them and convert the results to strings, COM dates, ticks and some other more esoteric values. In addition, there are several convenient constructors and formatters at hand to greatly simplify dealing with dates and times in real-world applications.

In addition to providing an easy-to-use Python interface the package also exports a comfortable C API interface for other extensions to build upon. This is especially interesting for database applications which often have to deal with date/time values.

Package version:2.0.6-4


The python*-egenix-mx* packages supersede the old python-mx* packages
found in earlier Debian versions.

A notable difference:

The modules (e.g. DateTime) now have the prefix "mx." in the
namespace.  So, for example, if you have used the old DateTime module
in a program, you should instead use mx.Datetime.  E.g.:

    # Old:
    import DateTime

    # New:
    from mx import DateTime


egenix-mx-base (2.0.6-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Added dependencies on python-egenix-mxtools, which got lost during
    transition to the new Python policy. Closes: #374404.  
  * Removed now obsolete "dummy package" markers. Closes: #374419.
  * Readded lost build target to debian/rules.
  * Readded dependencies on ${shlibs:Depends}.
  * Added XS-Python-Standards-Version field.
  * Added versi


The upstream source was found on the following address:

Upstream author: Marc-Andre Lemburg <>

This package is distributed under a double copyright.
Public License is the one that allows Debian to redistribute this
software (it is DFSG-compliant) and is reported below. For more
information see the file m

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