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extension for computing string similarities and edit distances

The Levenshtein module computes Levenshtein distances, similarity ratios, generalized medians and set medians of Unicode or non-Unicode strings. Because it's implemented in C, it's much faster than the corresponding Python library functions and methods.

The Levenshtein distance is the minimum number of single-character insertions, deletions, and substitutions to transform one string into another.

It is useful for spell checking, or fuzzy matching of gettext messages.

Package version:0.10.1-2


Levenshtein Python extension and C library.

The Levenshtein Python C extension module contains functions for fast
computation of
- Levenshtein (edit) distance, and edit operations
- string similarity
- approximate median strings, and generally string averaging
- string sequence and set similarity
It supports both normal and Unicode strings.

Please see PKG-INFO for basic info, NEWS for news and 


v0.10.1 2005-01-13
    - apply_edit() broken for Unicodes was fixed (thanks to Radovan Garabik)
    - subtract_edit() function was added

v0.10 2004-04-14
    - Hamming distance, Jaro similarity metric and Jaro-Winkler similarity
      metric were added
    - ValueErrors raised on wrong argument types were fixed to TypeErrors

v0.9 2003-12-31
    - a poor-but-fast generalized median method quickme


python-levenshtein (0.10.1-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/control
    - adopt it under DMPT umbrella; thanks to Nicolas for his previous work;
      Closes: #654348
    - add Vcs-* fields
    - rename XS-P-V fields to X-P-V
    - remove useless XB-P-V field
    - bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2
    - added ${misc:Depends} to binary Depends
    - update Homepage field; Closes: #479626
  * Swi


This package was debianized by Nicolas FRANCOIS (Nekral)
<> on Sat, 

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