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module for coding psychology experiments in Python

PyEPL is a stimuli delivery and response registration toolkit to be used for generating psychology (as well as neuroscience, marketing research, and other) experiments.

It provides - presentation: both visual and auditory stimuli - responses registration: both manual (keyboard/joystick) and sound (microphone) time-stamped - sync-pulsing: synchronizing your behavioral task with external acquisition hardware - flexibility of encoding various experiments due to the use of Python as a description language - fast execution of critical points due to the calls to linked compiled libraries

This toolbox is here to be an alternative for a widely used commercial product E'(E-Prime)

This package provides PyEPL for supported versions of Python.

Package version:1.1.0-3


python-pyepl for Debian

So far not much to describe about specifics of Debian package of
PyEpl, but there are quite a few items on my TODO list (please see TODO file).

 -- Yaroslav O. Halchenko <>, Tue, 14 Mar 2006 23:24:48 -0500


pyepl (1.1.0-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Absorbed some changes from upstream:
     - NF: Added show warnings on streams.
     - RF: Cleaning up sound code.
     - BF: Was not picking streams properly.
     - BF: Trying out separate streams.
     - BF: Added updated RtAudio files for potential recording bug fix.
     - BF/NF: If you generate a Showable surface yourself, do not unload
       it au


python-pyepl for Debian

* Proper "clean"-up procedure

  Well... though it is not required (or in other words "could be
   avoided") -- it is good to have proper clean-up procedure and
   original Makefiles were missing clean target. Besides that
   is not tailored to provide proper cleaning. Temporary fix was
   applied but proper solution would be better

* Chec


Name: PyEPL


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