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Python wrapper to the MPEG Audio Decoder library

This module makes the MAD MP3 decoder library available to Python programs. It provides a high-level API to the MAD functions, that make reading audio data from an MPEG stream simple.
Package version:0.5.4-3.2+b1


pymad - a Python wrapper for the MPEG Audio Decoder library

MAD is available at

Access this module via "import mad" or "from mad import *".  To decode
an mp3 stream, you'll want to create a MadFile object and read data from
that.  You can then write the data to a sound device.  See the example
program in test/ for a simple mp3 player that uses libao for th


pymad (0.5.4-3.2+b1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Binary-only non-maintainer upload for amd64; no source changes.
  * Rebuild with python2.5 support

 -- Debian amd64 Build Daemon <buildd_i386-excelsior>  Mon,  7 Apr 2008 11:58:26 +0000

pymad (0.5.4-3.2) unstable; urgency=low

  * NMU based on 0.5.4-3.1 (removed python-support, not necessary).

 -- Matthias Klose <>  Tue, 11 Jul 2006


NEWS for pymad

0.5.4 (27/06/2005)

* Fix for None deallocation error, thanks to Michael Urman.

0.5.3 (25/04/2005)

* Patch from Erik Osheim to fix decode on bigendian platforms.

0.5.1 (07/10/03)

* Fix segfault when cleaning up.

0.5 (01/10/03)

* Now can read from any file-like Python object.
* Added example program for playing internet radio streams.



This package was debianized by Jamie Wilkinson <> on
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 17:34:41 +1000.


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