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Allows network connections to serial ports

This daemon allows telnet and tcp sessions to be established with a unit's serial ports. Combined with a terminal emulation like xterm or the Linux console, this can be a very simple means of communicating with routers, other systems' serial consoles and other equipment with a serial port. This is remarkably similar to the reverse telnet feature of some Cisco routers.

Upstream URL:

Package version:2.6-1


This is ser2net, a program for allowing network connections to serial
ports.  See the man page for information about using the program.

Note that ser2net supports RFC 2217 (remote control of serial port
parameters), but you must have a compliant client.  The only one I
know of is kermit (


Oct 14, 2003:

  ser2net now supports RFC 2217, the ability to control the serial
  port with telnet options.  So, for instance, you can connect to a
  ser2net session with a client that has this option and control
  the baud rate, stopbits, parity, etc.  The only client I know of
  that supports this is c-kermit, available at


ser2net(8)                                                ser2net(8)

       ser2net - Serial to network proxy

       ser2net [-c configfile] [-C configline] [-p controlport] [-n]
       [-d] [-b] [-v] [-P pidfile]

       The ser2net daemon allows  telnet  and  tcp  sessions  to  be
       established with a unit's serial ports.

       The  program  comes  up  norm


ser2net (2.6-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
    * Fix segfault (control port us


2009-07-15  Corey Minyard <>

	* Move to version 2.6.
2009-06-30  Cor


Corey Minyard <> - Original (and still only) author.


This package was first debianized by Marc Haber
<> on Tue, 18 Sep 200

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