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lightweight multilingual terminal emulator for X

wterm is a color VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System. While lightweight, it provides an elegant interface including NeXTSTEP style scroll bars and an application menu that integrates well with the Window Maker window manager and GNUstep based applications. wterm works well with any window manager or desktop environment.

Features of wterm include background images, transparency, and reverse transparency. An extensive set or runtime options are available resulting in a very customizable terminal emulator.

This package contains three variants of wterm. cwterm provides support for Chinese characters (BIG5). kwterm provides support for Kanji characters (EUC-JP or SJIS). gwterm provides Greek keyboard support. If you are interested in Latin character set support only, please see the wterm package.

Package version:6.2.9-8.1


wterm for Debian

Wterm started as a beta test of some additions Alfredo hoped to get
contributed to the official RXVT source tree. These included VERY fast
transparency without requiring any special application to set the root
image, a fantastic looking NeXT scrollbar option, and also from zinx
(#windowmaker on efnet) we had a transparent scrollbar trough and
preliminary transpar


		rxvt support for greek keyboard

		A. Haritsis <>

rxvt supports both ELOT-928 (ISO-8859-7 standard) and IBM-437 keyboard
translations for greek character entry. It is possible to start rxvt windows
in any of the two translations, making it possible to use both translations
modes simultanesuly on the same screen! 


A few examples of constructing menubars for rxvt.  Used in conjuction
with the reference material (rxvtRef.html/txt), it should be possible to
piece together some useful menus without too much time.

C-shell users be warned.
Some of the menu items contain bsh/ksh constructs like ${EDITOR:-vi}\r
which will cause your shell to gag.


Rxvt is a heavily modified




WTERM-ML(1)                    X Tools                   WTERM-ML(1)

       cwterm - lightwe


wterm (6.2.9-8.1) unstable; urgency=low

  [Jari Aalto]
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * debian/contro


wterm-6.2.8 to wterm-6.2.9
largo <>
	fixed path

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Download wterm-ml_6.2.9-8.1_amd64.deb

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