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Xaw3d widget set

Xaw3d is a set of 3-D widgets based on the Athena Widget set, which adds a three dimensional appearance on some of the widgets of X11 applications linked with this library.

Please note that this package no longer adds a three dimensional appearance on applications dynamically linked against libXaw.

Package version:1.5+E-18.2


Xaw3D for Debian

Xaw3d is not a transparent substitute of libXaw for various
incompatibilities. All programs which want a 3d look for Xaw
toolkit, need to link explicitly against this library and manage
minor problems properly.

Some hacks have been applied to upstream sources. This library is currently 
not maintained upstream.

You can find other information about the beast in 


   The Three-D Athena Toolkit (Xaw3d)

   This is Release 1.5E of the Xaw3d toolkit (dated March 8, 2003), an
   update that fixes some bugs, and adds many features. There were no
   public releases of 1.5A through 1.5D.

   I am not Kaleb Keithley. Kaleb has moved on, and no longer supports
   Xaw3d; it's my baby now. This distribution is not a fork - it is 


Sample resource files for Xaw3d-based applications.

THESE ARE NOT GLOBAL RESOURCE FILES. Put these in $(HOME)/app-defaults,
or whatever the environment variables XAPPLRESDIR, XENVIRONMENT, or
XUSERFILESEARCHPATH might point to (they're supposed to specify an user-
dependant resource file or directory).


xaw3d (1.5+E-18.2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload with permission of Francesco Pao


This program was downloaded from:

Authors:  D.J. Hawkey Jr.

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