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in-place conversion of text typed in with a wrong keyboard layout

When users work in multilingual environment (e.g. Russian+English), they sometimes type in text with wrong keyboard layout. In auto mode XNeur can automatically detect language of word user typed, switch keyboard layout and convert word from one keyboard layout into another. In manual mode user has ability to convert last typed word or some selected text with hot-keys. The main idea of this utility is similar to Punto Switcher for MS Windows. For now XNeur support English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, French, Romanian, German, Kazakh and many other languages.
Package version:0.9.9-1


X Neural Switcher (

It's program like Punto Switcher, but has other functionality 
and it's really better with some varios functions.

This utility is made for X Window System.

It is developed in Linux for now, but we're thinking it will  
work on any *nix system with X11R6 & gcc3.

Latest Release and other info you can read at:


XNeur for Debian

XNeur is auto/manual keyboard layout switcher. It's useful in multilingual (e.g.
English and Russian) configuration. It works on Xserver layer. After starting it
you can type some English text with keyboard layout turned to Russian. In
automatic mode XNeur will detect this, switch layout to English and convert
typed text to English too. In manual mode you contro


xneur (0.8.0+svn20080310-1) unstable; urgency=low

  From now we put dictionaries to /usr/share/xneur. Old dictionaries should be
  removed in preinst. If you changed something there, your modified version
  will be saved as <file>.dpkg-bak

  If you wish to override default dictionaries with your own, feel free to put
  them in /etc/xneur, they will have higher priority then ones in


May 21 2010:
Version 0.9.9 released.
Bugfix for change layots count where xneur run.
Bugfix for new 


XNEUR(1)                                                    XNEUR(1)

       XNeur  -  in-pla


XNEURRC(5)                                                XNEURRC(5)

       xneurrc - config


xneur (0.9.9-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New Upstream version 0.9.9
  * debian/control, debian/*sh


(Dec-20-2006) [0.3.0]:
- We switched to autotools again :)
- Implemented dynamic multilanguage suppo

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Download xneur_0.9.9-1_amd64.deb

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