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Open Source Web Application Server

Zope is an open source web application server primarily written in the Python programming language. It features a transactional object database which can store not only content and custom data, but also dynamic HTML templates, scripts, a search engine, and relational database (RDBMS) connections and code.

It features a strong through-the-web development model, allowing you to update your web site from anywhere in the world. To allow for this, Zope also features a tightly integrated security model. Built around the concept of "safe delegation of control", Zope's security architecture also allows you to turn control over parts of a web site to other organizations or individuals.

This package contains the framework and libraries needed to run your own Zope 2.12 instance.

Package version:2.12.22-1~bpo60+1


.. contents::

Introductory Example

Zope implements acquisition with "Extension Class" mix-in classes. To
use acquisition your classes must inherit from an acquisition base
class. For example::

  >>> import ExtensionClass, Acquisition

  >>> class C(ExtensionClass.Base):
  ...     color='red'

  >>> class A(Acquisition.Implicit):
  ...     def report(self):
  ...         pri


.. contents::


RestrictedPython provides a ``restricted_compile`` function that works
like the built-in ``compile`` function, except that it allows the
controlled and restricted execution of code:

  >>> src = '''
  ... def hello_world():
  ...     return "Hello World!"
  ... '''
  >>> from RestrictedPython import compile_restricted
  >>> code = compile_restricted(src, '<string>


This is a sample library of configuration schema components.  This is
used for testing.


This directory contains a sample package that is used to create the
'' file used in the


ZEO 2.0

What's ZEO?

ZEO stands for Zope Enterprise Objects.  ZEO is an


This directory contains a collection of utilities for working with
ZEO.  Some are more useful than o


This directory contains a collection of utilities for managing ZODB
databases.  Some are more useful


Persistence support

(This document is under construction. M

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