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threaded news reader (fast for slow links)

Slrn is a threaded news reader with color support that is designed to read news fast over slow links.

Slrn can read usenet news via NNTP or directly from a local news spool.

Slrn can be heavily customized from its rc file, and even includes a built in macro language. There is also support for killfiles and article scoring.

Package version:1.0.0~pre18-1.1


slrn is a Usenet client that supports both the Network News Transfer
Protocol (NNTP) and a news spool on the local filesystem.  Extensive
information about slrn may be found on its home page at
<>.  Installation instructions may be found in the

The rest of this file provides an overview of the documentation that
comes with slrn and includes pointers to additional


Debian-specific slrn configuration

For Debian, slrn is configured to use the news server in /etc/news/server
unless this is overridden by user configuration. It will also use
/etc/news/organization for the ogranization header for posts, if that file
exists, and /etc/mailname to configure the hostname in news posts.

The program /usr/sbin/slrn_getdescs can be run


SLRN may be used to access a secure server using SSL.  To do this, SSL
support must be enabled.

Compiling SLRN with SSL support

To build slrn with SSL support, you must first obtain and install the
OpenSSL library from  Beware that some
countries may have import/export regulations concerning such software.
If you get arrested, do not call m


-*- mode: text; mode: fold; -*-
The purpose of this note is to provide some instructions on extendin


This file concerns a setup of slrn that is suitable for multiple users.

The installation instructio




In slrn, some functions were renamed (see changes.txt for details).
Although the old names a


slrn (0.9.9~pre122-1) unstable; urgency=low

  GNU TLS support is back. Since this version you can u

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Download slrn_1.0.0~pre18-1.1_armel.deb

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