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Perlbal extension for processing HTTP headers faster

Perlbal::XS::HTTPHeaders is used to read HTTP headers from a string and to parse them into an internal storage format for easy access and modification. You can also ask the module to reconstitute the headers into one big string, useful if you're writing a proxy and need to read and write headers while maintaining the ability to modify individual parts of the whole.

The goal is to be fast. This is a lot faster than doing all of the text processing in Perl directly, and a lot of the flexibility of Perl is maintained by implementing the library in Perl and descending from Perlbal::HTTPHeaders.

Package version:0.20-2


Perlbal::XS::HTTPUsereContributed Perl Perlbal::XS::HTTPHeaders(3pm)

       Perlbal::XS::HTTPHeaders - Perlbal extension for processing
       HTTP headers.

         use HTTPHeaders;

         my $hdr = Perlbal::XS::HTTPHeaders->new("GET / HTTP/1.0\r\nConnection: keep-alive\r\n\r\n");
         if ($hdr->getMethod == M_GET()) {
           print "GET: ", $hdr->getURI(), "\n";


libperlbal-xs-httpheaders-perl (0.20-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ gregor herrmann ]
  * Add patch config_ccflags to pass the same CCFLAGS perl was combined
    with. This should fix weird errors on 32-bit architectures.

  [ Jonathan Steinert ]
  * Fix "FTBFS: C code doesn't load reliably" <patch above by gregor has
    taken care of this issue on test machines> (Closes: #665388)

 -- Jonathan St


Revision history for Perl extension HTTPHeaders.  See README for info.

0.20  Thu Jan 14 22:08:00 PDT 2010

    - allow module to be 'enabled' multiple times without error
    - allow all methods, but only accelerate some of them.
    - add setter for uri field, and test

0.19  Tue Sep 19 07:54:51 UTC 2006
    - fix number of tests from 28 to 31 to enable successfull make test

0.18  Wed Jul 20 18


Upstream-Name: Perlbal-XS-

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