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Backtracking parser generator based on byacc

btyacc is a hacked version of the original Berkeley "byacc". The main change to byacc is the addition of backtracking code, allowing you to try both alternatives in case of shift-reduce or reduce-reduce conflicts. As long as no backtracking takes place, speed is comparable to bison.

Additional features: - enhanced support for storing of text position information for tokens - closes the potential *yacc/bison memory leak during error recovery - preprocessor directives like %ifdef, %include - C++ friendly

Related packages: bison, byacc, antlr

Package version:3.0-5


    Berkeley Yacc is an LALR(1) parser generator.  Berkeley Yacc has been made
as compatible as possible with AT&T Yacc.  Berkeley Yacc can accept any input
specification that conforms to the AT&T Yacc documentation.  Specifications
that take advantage of undocumented features of AT&T Yacc will probably be

    Berkeley Yacc is distributed with no warranty whatever.  The code is certain



btyacc for Debian

A number of small bugfixes have been applied to this Debian version of

- Using "$<type>0" in a rule no longer causes btyacc to crash or
  the generated parser to behave incorrectly.

- The generated parser does no longer depend on TRUE being defined.

- Generated files use the suffixes ".tab.h .tab.c .code.c" rather than
  "_tab.h _tab.c _code.c"

- Th


	     BTYACC -- backtracking yacc

BTYACC was created by Chris Dodd using ideas from many
places and lots of code from the Berkeley Yacc
distribution, which is a public domain yacc clone put
together by the good folks at Berkeley.  This code is
distributed with NO WARRANTEE and is public domain. 
It is certain to contain bugs, which you should 
report to: chrisd@c


btyacc(1)                                                  btyacc(1)

       btyacc  —  an 


btyacc (3.0-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Rebuild: finish /usr/doc transition (Closes: #359373)


This package was debianized by Richard Atterer <> on
Sun, 28 Jan 2001 17:20:26 +01

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