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generates large textures from a small sample

Gimp-texturize is a plug-in for the GIMP, a famous picture editor and manipulator.

A few images are designed to be copy-pasted one next to another and still look natural, but the result is usually periodic and very monotonous. The Texturize plugin allows you to have a realistic pseudo-periodicity.

Package version:2.1-2


GIMP Plug-In Texturize

This plugin takes a small image and creates a texture out of it.
The idea is to put several copies (patches) of the small image on the big
canvas. The copies aren't complete: we cut the border so that the transition is
invisible, and the the texture seems natural.

To build and install it, just ...

	make install

 ... then (close a


gimp-texturize (2.1-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * [debian/patches/remove_non_public_gimpimage_pdb_header]: Remove unneeded
    #includes for private gimp headers (Closes: #674398). Thanks to the
    rebuild of all packages made by Lucas Nussbaum.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3.
  * Bump debhelper version to 9 to use hardening options.

 -- Maximiliano Curia <>  Wed, 20 Jun 2012


2004-12-29  Sven Neumann  <>

	* Made 2.2.0 release.

2004-12-05  Sven Neumann  <>

	* src/main.c: use gimp_plugin_menu_register() to register the
	procedure in the menus.

	* src/interface.c: removed GimpPixmap examples. Use combo-boxes
	instead of option-menus. Changed spacings for HIG compliance.

	* pixmaps/zoom_in.xpm
	* pixmaps/zoom_out.xpm: removed n


This package was debianized by Mohammed Adnène Trojette <> on
Sun,  6 Feb 2005 13:0

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