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4.4bsd dump and restore for ext2 filesystems

Dump examines files on a filesystem and determines which files need to be backed up. These files are copied to the given disk, tape or other storage medium for safe keeping.

The restore command performs the inverse function of dump. A full backup of a file system may be restored and subsequent incremental backups layered on top of it. Single files and directory subtrees may be restored from full or partial backups.

Package version:0.4b44-1


$Id: README,v 1.3 1999/10/11 13:31:04 stelian Exp $

	This is a test release of dump 0.4.

	See the file CHANGES for a list of changes from the previous version.

	See the file INSTALL for installation instructions.

	If you encounter problems with the dump and restore backup suite,
please contact the maintainers and send them a detailled bug report.


Historically, dump was *always* used on unmounted filesystems.  Tools like
AMANDA break that expectation.  Backing up a live filesystem sometimes causes
problems for tools like dump, depending on what is changing while the backup
runs.  If you see errors during a dump of a mounted filesystem, try again with
the filesystem unmounted, and see if that fixes the problem.

In theory, the page cache cha


Here is how to use these backup scripts:

1. Create a separate backup partition big enough to hold all the filesystems you want to backup + any changes. Preferably, get a big inexpensive ide drive, and dedicate it as a backup drive.

2. Create the mount point for the partition as /backup (otherwise, modify the config parameters at the top of the scripts).

3. Mount the partition read-write, cd int


                    Experimental dump to CDROMs



Since I modified the dump_on_cd scripts [ adding the
possibility to dump to DVD media...]


I took the dump_on_cd_2/EN/* scripts and merged the pair of scripts into one
script, which checks it


> I'll be more than happy to put a copy of your scripts in the dump
> distribution once you'll get t


This is a set of changes to the Linux "rmt" utility
to support transparent encryption.
Data is encry

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