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Magic Chicken themes for GTK+ 2.x

This package contains themes which allow you to configure the look of programs using GTK+ 2.x. The programs need no modification to use themes; the support is built-in to GTK+ 2.x.

Magic Chicken is a theme which borrows much in terms of looks from the default Gtk+ 2.x theme, as well as from ThinIce and other funky themes.

The provided themes are: MagicChicken, CortlandChicken and OkayishChicken.

Author: James Cape <>

Package version:1.1.1-9+b1


Either use the Gnome Control Center to select the theme or put the
following into your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 :

gtk-theme-name = "<value>"

<value> is one of "CortlandChicken", "MagicChicken" or "OkayishChicken".


Magic Chicken GTK+ 2.0 Engine

The Magic Chicken Engine is a theme engine for GTK+ 2.0. It supports
theme-selectable drawing styles and shadows for every widget and every state.
It also includes the MagicChicken and OkayishChicken th


MacOS 9-style theme for the MagicChicken Engine.


Default theme for the Magic Chicken GTK+ 2.0 Engine


A port of TigerT's PrettyOkayish theme for ThinIce/GTK+ 2.0 to MagicChicken


gtk2-engines-magicchicken (1.1.1-9+b1) sid; urgency=low

  * Binary-only non-maintainer upload for h


2003-01-13  James M. Cape  <>

	* Release 1.1.1:
		- Rework check/radio images s


Primary Author:
	James M. Cape <>

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Download gtk2-engines-magicchicken_1.1.1-9+b1_hurd-i386.deb

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