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X11 Common Lisp client library for SBCL

CLX is a low-level X11 client library for Common Lisp. CLX is to Lisp what Xlib is to C.

This version of CLX originated in a CMUCL distribution, was modified in order to make it compile and run under SBCL and was enhanced with some features from other CLX implementations. It currently runs only on SBCL, but it might be ported to other Common Lisp implementations.

Package version:0.7.4-5+b1


This directory contains CLX, an X11 client library for Common
Lisp. The code was originally taken from a CMUCL distribution, was
modified somewhat in order to make it compile and run under SBCL, then
a selection of patches were added from other CLXes around the net.

= Features

 - SHAPE extension support (Gilbert Baumann)
 - XFREE86-VIDMODE extension support (Iban Hatchondo)
 - experimental RENDE


Original CLX README, retained for historical information

These files contain beta code, but they have been tested to some extent under
Symbolics, TI, Lucid and Franz.  The files have been given .l suffixes to keep
them within 12 characters, to keep SysV sites happy.  Please rename them with
more appropriate suffixes for your system.

For Franz systems, see exclREADME.

For Symbolics syste


-*- Text -*-
-- Changes in telent CLX 0.7.3, Tue Mar 28 2006 ---

Support for Allegro CL (6.2 and later) (Mikel Evins)
Latin 1 keysyms (Christophe Rhodes)
Some protocol fixes (Douglas Crosher)
Define a RENDER-OP typ (Douglas Crosher)

---  Changes in SBCL CLX 0.7.2, Tue Jan 10 2006 ---

OpenMCL fixes
DPMS extension support
Xauthority ipv6 parsing fixes

Thanks to Bryan O'Connor, Matthew Kennedy, C


cl-clx-sbcl (0.7.4-5+b1) sid; urgency=low

  * Binary-only non-maintainer upload for hurd-i386; no s


Details of changes since R5:

NOTE: this file is not updated any more.  Changes since checking into



This package was debianized by Milan Zamazal <>.

It was downloaded from http://common

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Download cl-clx-sbcl_0.7.4-5+b1_hurd-i386.deb

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