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Use PAR files to reconstruct missing parts of multi-part archives

This utility applies the data-recovery capability concepts of RAID-like systems to the posting and downloading of multi-part archives on USENET by providing the ability to create and use redundant recovery records. It supports the 'Reed-Soloman Code' implementation that allows for recovery of any 'X' volumes for 'X' parity volumes present. It is popularly used on USENET postings, but is not limited to this use.

The Debian parchive package supports "legacy" version 1.0 PAR files. The Debian par2 package supports version 2.0 PAR files.

Upstream source:

Package version:1.1-4+b1


Parity Archive - A way to restore missing files in a set.

Copyright (C) 2001  Willem Monsuwe (

The source code can be downloaded from
as par-v0.2alpha.tar.gz

This version is released under the GNU Public License.
See the file COPYING (in the source code archive) for details.

File format by Stefan Wehlus -
 initial idea by Tobias Rieper, further suggest


parchive for Debian

Upstream calls the binary of this tool "par", but unfortunately there is
already a "par" in Debian, so I have renamed both the package and the binary
to "parchive".

Also note that there are some problems with the current implementation.
mentions the most important.

Finally note that 


New in v0.9:

- Complies to v1.0 spec
- Reads old par files as well (v0.2 spec, v0.9 spec)

New in v0.5:

- More error checking, deletes failed output files
- New command (par mix):
    Read all parity archives in the current directory, and
    combine all of them to try to recover as many files as possible.

New in v0.4:

- Complies to v0.9 file spec.
- Control hash implemented.
- The ability to


PARCHIVE(1)                 User Commands                PARCHIVE(1)

       parchive - RAID 


parchive (1.1-4+b1) sid; urgency=low

  * Binary-only non-maintainer upload for hurd-i386; no source


This package was debianized by Rene Weber <> on
Sat,  2 Feb 2002 23:40:31

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