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x86-64 Machine Check Exceptions collector and decoder

Starting with version 2.6.4, the Linux kernel for x86-64 no longer decodes and logs recoverable Machine Check Exception events to the kernel log on its own.

Instead, the MCE data is kept in a buffer which can be read from userspace via the /dev/mcelog device node.

You need this tool to collect and decode those events; it will log the decoded MCE events to syslog.

Package version:1.0~pre3-3


mcelog is the user space backend for logging machine check errors
reported by the hardware to the kernel. The kernel does the immediate
actions (like killing processes etc.) and mcelog decodes the logs
the errors.

It primarily handles machine checks and thermal events, which
are reported for errors detected by the CPU.

It is recommended that mcelog runs on all x86 machines, both
64bit (since ear


mcelog for Debian

mcelog is only needed/useful on x86-64 platforms, ie AMD64 and EM64T
hardware. You need to configure your kernel with CONFIG_X86_MCE=y (which
is the default).

mcelog can be run in one of two modes:
 - as a daemon, this is the default mode
 - as a trigger, run by the kernel every time an MCE event happens

The recommended mode of operation is the daemon mode. H


mcelog (1.0~pre1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  Starting with this revision, mcelog now defaults to running as a daemon.

  Trigger mode is still available if desired and can be activated by editing

  The disk database for memory errors has been removed; this feature is buggy
  and deprecated. Information about memory errors is now kept in memory and
  can be queried with mcel


MCELOG(8)          Linux's Administrator's Manual          MCELOG(8)

       mcelog - Decode 


mcelog (1.0~pre3-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/patches/fix_timeout_bit.patch:
    + Added; fi


<newer changes first>

Add Xeon75xx support
Add Intel architectural mca fallback for new family 6 In


This package was debianized by Julien BLACHE <> on
Thu, 27 Jan 2005 21:19:26 +0100

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