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The Berkeley database routines (run-time files).

libdb2 is a library for manipulating database files, developed at Berkeley and extended by Sleepycat Software Inc. This is the stable version, also commercially supported.

It supports three kinds of file formats: * btree. A representation of a sorted, balanced tree structure. * hashed. An extensible, dynamic hashing scheme. * UNIX file oriented. A byte stream file with fixed or variable length records. Other core database services: * page cache management for fast access, clean page allocation. * lock with multiple reader/writer granularity. * nested transaction support with logging and rollback recovery (two phase commit). * Large set of utilities, to dump/load/restore data and examine log.

Package version:2:


db2 (2: unstable; urgency=high

  * Get the shlibs dependency right.  Closes: #142874
  * Add an alternate dependency on libc0.3 to mollify HURD people.
    Closes: #141356

 -- Matthew Wilcox <>  Wed, 17 Apr 2002 09:59:09 -0600

db2 (2: unstable; urgency=high

  * Incorporate patch from Randolph Chung to version only the symbols
    provided by db2, not ones su


                 Interface Changes introduced in DB 2.1.0:
    1. We have added a compatibility API for DB 1.85. We had not intended
       to do this, however, versions of the GNU gcc compiler in beta
       release trigger problems in DB 1.85 (and in previous releases of
       DB 2.0.N), causing them to drop core. As we're unwilling to do
       further w


These packages were originally debianized by Fabrizio Polacco
<> on Feb 2000. They were later completely redone by
Ben Collins <> on March of 2001.

The original source, by Sleepycat Software Inc.,
was downloaded from Sleepycat's web site (

The upstream Changelog information was directly downloaded from

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