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H.323 protocol support for Asterisk

Asterisk is an Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit.

This channel driver (chan_h323) provides support for the H.323 protocol for Asterisk. This is an implementation originally contributed by NuFone and nowdays maintained and distributed by Digium, Inc. Hence, it is considered the official H.323 chanel driver.

This is one of many H.323 channel implementations for Asterisk with others being chan_oh323 and chan_ooh323c, distributed by Debian as asterisk-oh323 and asterisk-ooh323c, respectively.

For more information about the Asterisk PBX, have a look at the Asterisk package.

Package version:1:


asterisk-h323 vs. asterisk-oh323 vs. asterisk-ooh323c

  There are currently three implementations for H.323 in the Asterisk PBX:
  chan_h323, chan_oh323 and chan_ooh323c. They are distributed by Debian as
  asterisk-h323, asterisk-oh323 and asterisk-oh323c, respectively.

  chan_h323 was contributed by NuFone and is nowdays maintained and dist


asterisk (1:1.4.13~dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  Since this version, ODBC and IMAP storage for Voicemail are provided.
  As this could not be done as a runtime option, and are provided. However, these conflict
  and each other.
  If you use a modified modules.conf and you have autoload enabled, you *must*
  add explicit noload en


asterisk (1: oldstable-security; urgency=high

  * Patch AST-2011-013: potential remote information disclosure
    Closes: #651552 (CVE-2011-4597 The side issue. The DoS is
    inapplicable to Lenny).
    - The patch changeges the sample sip.conf . We change the sample
       config files, but not the files under /etc/asterisk .

 -- Tzafrir Cohen <>  Sun, 


2008-07-22  Russell Bryant <>

	* Asterisk released.

2008-07-22  Tilghma


This package was debianized by Mark Purcell <> on
Fri Apr 19 19:58:40 EST 2002

It is 

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Download asterisk-h323_1.4.21.2~dfsg-3+lenny6_i386.deb

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