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The GNU version of the Mach microkernel for debugging

This is the Utah Mach microkernel used by the Hurd.

The version in this package is identical to the version found in the gnumach package, except that it is not stripped and has the kernel-level debugger compiled in.

Package version:2:1.3.99.dfsg.git20100732-1


-*- Text -*-
This is the GNU Mach 1.2 distribution.

This kernel is derived from the Utah kernel source.  We use it to run
the Hurd on.  It is being distributed by us so that we can more easily
modify the source, and so that it will work with the normal GNU coding
standards and Makefile conventions.

libmach, bootloaders, default pagers, and the like are not part of
this distribution.  For librari


-*- text -*-

Here some i386 specific details of the device drivers are explained.

Each driver is followed by one or more triplets of three numbers.  These
triplets specify combinations of I/O address, spl, and, pic that are believed
to work.

Then comes the name of the device to users.  `%d' is a unit number.

** Table

*** Serial devices and similar equivalents

PC com ports (always enabled)


-*- Text -*-

Changes between version 1.3 and unreleased

The calculation of the number of blocks for the floppy drives has been

The check for BSD labels in impossible situations has been removed.
This removes a spurious warning at boot time for extended partitions.

The keyboard LEDs can be set.

Changes between version 1.2 and version 1.3

The kernel now directly supports "boot scripts


gnumach (2:1.3.99.dfsg.git20100732-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * New upstream 


e227045b06d62ee7d2fbab9d5ade9030ff43170b is the last commit imported from CVS.
All commits after tha


This package was originally debianized by Marcus Brinkmann
<> on Sat, 1 Aug 1998 2

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