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Portable Tools Library development debug files

This package contains the shared and static debug symbols of the library PTLib, which is a moderately large class library that has its genesis many years ago as a method to produce applications to run on both Microsoft Windows and Unix X-Window systems. This is not the debug compiled version of PTLib which would yield much more detailled information as a compromise of benefit and compile power consumption.
Package version:2.4.5-1


ptlib-wolf (2.4.5-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New Upstream Release 
    - ptlib2.4.5 API (Wolf) necessary for h323plus library (openh3232 continued)
    - NEW source package ptlib2.4.5 necessary to manage API compatibility
    - NEW binary packages: libpt2.4.5 libpt2.4.5-dev libpt2.4.5-dbg ...
  * Drop uncessary debian/patches
  * version.h -> /usr/share/ptlib
  * Switch to debhelper 7
  * debia


This is the Debian GNU/Linux packaged version of PWLib.

The author of this software is Equivalence Pty. Ltd.

Original packaging for Debian by
	Raphael Bossek <> 
Heavily modified by
	Santiago Garcia Mantinan <>
Currently mantained by
	Debian VoIP Team <>

The sources were downloaded from:

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Download libpt2.4.5-dbg_2.4.5-1_i386.deb

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