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p-system emulation libraries for Chipmunk tools [development].

Psys is the p-system emulation libraries for the caltech tools. Psys's purpose in life is to support the graphical tools in the Caltech CAD distribution: analog, wol, view, and until. These libraries must be installed before attempting to install these tools.
Package version:1.56-3.1


Chipmunk psys lib for Debian

I have made some bad-looking :-) changes the program sources for it to be
easily debianized. I'm working on a libtoolized version too, but it will
take some more time and this way everything works OK, so there it goes...

 -- Fernando Sanchez <>  Mon,  6 Dec 1999 18:20:21 +0100


psys (1.56-3.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload
  * Avoid headers with the same name as system headers
    (Closes: Bug#188913)
  * Use stdarg.h instead of varargs.h (Closes: Bug#196275)

 -- Matt Kraai <>  Mon, 14 Jul 2003 11:02:18 +0200

psys (1.56-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Changed all '-O3' to '-O2', to avoid hppa problems

 -- Fernando Sanchez <fer@debian.o


This package was debianized by Fernando Sanchez <> on
Sun, 28 Nov 1999 19:44:08 +0100.

It was downloaded from

Upstream Authors: Dave Gillespie, Rick Koshi, Glenn Gribble and Adam
  Greenblatt. Upstream maintainers: John Lazzaro <>
  and Dave Gillespie <>


see /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL

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