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The GNU version of the "make" utility.

GNU Make is a program that determines which pieces of a large program need to be recompiled and issues the commands to recompile them, when necessary. More information about GNU Make can be found in the `make' Info page. The upstream sources for this package are available at the location The documentation for this package does not meet the Debian Free Software Guidelines, and has been removed from this package.
Package version:3.81-5


This directory contains the 3.81 release of GNU Make.

See the file NEWS for the user-visible changes from previous releases.
In addition, there have been bugs fixed.

Please check the system-specific notes below for any caveats related to
your operating system.

For general building and installation instructions, see the file INSTALL.

If you need to build GNU Make and have no other `make' progra


make (3.80+3.81.b3.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * WARNING: Backward-incompatibility! (this may help CDBS users)
    GNU make now implements a generic "second expansion" feature on the
    prerequisites of both explicit and implicit (pattern) rules.  In order
    to enable this feature, the special target '.SECONDEXPANSION' must be
    defined before the first target which takes advantage of it.


GNU make NEWS                                               -*-indented-text-*-
  History of user-visible changes.
  1 April 2006

See the end of this file for copyrights and conditions.

All changes mentioned here are more fully described in the GNU make
manual, which is contained in this distribution as the file doc/make.texi.
See the README file and the GNU make manual for instructions for


MAKE(1)                  LOCAL USER COMMANDS                 MAKE(1)

       make - GNU make 


make-dfsg (3.81-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Record the fact that this package has moved to a new g


2006-04-01  Paul D. Smith  <>

	Version 3.81 released.

	* NEWS: Updated for 3.81.



This is the Debian GNU/Linux prepackaged version of GNU Make.  GNU
Make was written by Richard Stall

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