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An X front-end to the GNU debugger gdb

xxgdb is a simple but powerful graphical interface to the GNU debugger gdb. A more powerful (but slower and much bigger) interface is available in the ddd package.
Package version:1.12-17


This is the source files for xxgdb v1.12 (and xdbx 2.1)

	XXGDB is a X window interface to the GDB debugger.
	This X window interface has been adapted to GDB from the source
	distribution files of XDBX version 2.1 (patch level 2) which
	implements an X window interface to the DBX debugger.

	See XDBX_README for more informat


xxgdb for DEBIAN

This is a non-maintainer release, done just to fix things up a bit so
that xxgdb can be built directly from source.  Also, I moved the package
over to using debhelper; this included writing my own debhelper program,
dh_installxaw, to install xaw-wrappers files.  It's included in the
debian/ directory of the source distribution.

The original maintainer hasn


By adding -DNEW_INTERFACE to the DEFGDB line in the Imakefile,
you will be compiling xxgdb to use the new multi-window format.

This format will let you choose which sections of xxgdb you
wish to use by toggling the Source Display, Command Buttons,
and Variable Display windows ON or OFF. The toggle buttons
are located at the bottom of the main GDB interaction window.

Along with these Toggle butto


XXGDB(1)                                                    XXGDB(1)

       xxgdb - X window


xxgdb (1.12-17) unstable; urgency=low

  * Import NMU
  * Remove debian/upstream.changelog, create i


	1.0		December 1990.
	1.01	January 1991 (posted to comp.sources.x news group)
				Fix bug with dis


This is Debian's prepackaged version of the X11 frontend xxgdb to the GNU
debugger, gdb.

This packa

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