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port of the classic BSD console game robots

killbots is a simple game of evading killer robots. The robots are numerous and their sole objective is to destroy you. Fortunately for you, their creator has focused on quantity rather than quality and as a result the robots are severely lacking in intelligence. Your superior wit and a fancy teleportation device are your only weapons against the never-ending stream of mindless automatons.

This package is part of the KDE games module.

Package version:4:4.4.5-1


kdegames (4:4.4.5-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.

  [ Pino Toscano ]
  * Remove all the leftovers of kbackgammon and ksirtet.

  [ Modestas Vainius ]
  * Bump kde-sc-dev-latest build dependency to 4:4.4.5.

  [ Sune Vuorela ]
  * Update descriptions
    - add a s to contain. Closes: 587594
  * Change email address

 -- Sune Vuorela <>  Sun, 18 Jul 2010 10:07:47 


This package was debianized by Daniel Schepler <>.

It was downloaded from:


Everything in kdegames (unless otherwise stated below) are licensed under the
GPL or LGPL.  Please see /usr/share/common-licenses/* for full licenses.

The kdocbook documentation for the applications is under the GFDL
license.  The complete text of this license is

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