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spreadsheet-like graphical image manipulation tool

nip2 is a graphical front end to the VIPS package.

VIPS is an image processing system designed with efficiency in mind. It is good with large images (images larger than the amount of RAM in your machine), and for working with colour. It can perform many image manipulation tasks much faster than other packages such as ImageMagick and the GIMP and includes some special features such as creating single "mosaic" images from multiple parts.

VIPS consists of two main components: an image processing library with some command-line tools and a spreadsheet-like graphical user interface. This package supplies the graphical interface.

With nip2, rather than directly editing images, you build relationships between objects in a spreadsheet-like fashion. When you make a change somewhere, nip2 recalculates the objects affected by that change. Since it is demand-driven this update is very fast, even for very, very large images. nip2 is very good at creating pipelines of image manipulation operations. It is not very good for image editing tasks like touching up photographs. For that, a tool like the GIMP should be used instead.

Package version:7.28.4-1



nip2 is a user interface for the VIPS image processing library.

Getting nip2 from SVN

	svn co

Building nip2 from source

If you downloaded from SVN you need:

	$ ./

Then the usual:

	$ ./configure ...
	$ make

then finally:

	$ sudo make i


When nip2 is started, help does not work unless a Firefox browser
window is already open.  If you already have a Firefox browser window
open, help will display in that window.  If you use a different
browser, you may customize this in your nip2 preferences under the
"Help browser" category in the preferences dialog selectable from the
Edit menu.

There is an examples directory in /usr/share/doc/n


NIP2(1)                                                      NIP2(1)

       nip2 - image processing with the VIPS library

       nip2 [filename1 ...]
       nip2 -s filename [arg1 ...]
       nip2 -e expression [arg1 ...]

       nip2  (for  New  Image Processing) is a tool for manipulating
       images using the VIPS image processing library.

       There are thr


nip2 (7.28.4-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release

 -- Jay Berkenbilt <>


started 7.28.4, 6/5/12
- added bigtiff save option

started 7.28.3, 17/4/12
- up max size of user de


0) Clean nip2 work-space.
1) Toolkit: Image, New, Image. (Image_new_item.Image_black_item.action)


Authors of nip2

	John Cupitt 
	Joe Padfield
	Hans Breuer
	Rich Lott
	Leo Davidson

Plus helpful com


nip THANKS file

nip is a rewrite of ip, so see the THANKS file for that package. 

We've had very h

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