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A `scheme' interpreter designed for writing system programs

Scsh has a high-level process notation for doing shell-script like tasks: running programs, establishing pipelines and I/O redirection. Scsh embeds this process notation within a full implementation of Scheme, a minimal and clean dialect of the Lisp programming language. The process notation is realized as a set of macro definitions, and is carefully designed to allow full integration with standard Scheme code. Scsh isn't Scheme-like; it is Scheme.

At the scripting level, scsh also has an Awk design, also implemented as a macro that can be embedded inside general Scheme code.

Scsh additionally provides the low-level access to the operating system normally associated with C. The current release provides full access to POSIX, plus important non-POSIX extensions, such as complete sockets support. "Full access to POSIX" means: fork, exec & wait, sockets, full read, write, open & close, seek & tell, complete file-system access, including stat, chmod/chgrp/chown, symlink, FIFO & directory access, tty & pty support, file locking, pipes, select, file-name pattern-matching, time & date, environment variables, signal handlers, and more.

Package version:0.6.7-7


-*- Mode: Text; -*-

Copyright (c) 1994 Brian D. Carlstrom
See file COPYING for copying information.

Please report bugs to, and include
the version number in your message.

Installation instructions in file INSTALL.

A scsh manual is in directory doc/scsh-manual/.
A scsh paper is in directory doc/scsh-paper/.
A scsh quick reference is in file doc/cheat.txt.

Send mail to scsh-


LS48(1)                                                      LS48(1)

       scsh-0.6 - a Scheme shell

       scsh-0.6 [switch arg1 ... argn]

       scsh-0.6  is  an  implementation  of the Scheme shell.  It is
       implemented as a heap  image  which  is  interpreted  by  the
       Scheme  48  virtual machine.  scsh-0.6 is a stub program that
       starts the v


Scsh 0.6.7 Release notes					-*- outline -*-

We are pleased to release scsh version 0.6.7.

The text below gives a general description of scsh, instructions for obtaining
it, pointers to discussion forums, and a description of the new features in
release 0.6.7.  (Emacs should display this document is in outline mode. Say
c-h m for instructions on how to move through it by sections (e.g., c-c c-n,


scsh-0.6 (0.6.7-7) unstable; urgency=low

  * Add avr32 to supported CPU architecture list
  * Updat


The Debian GNU/Linux package of `scsh' was created and made available
by: Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@

Browse inside scsh-0.6_0.6.7-7_i386.deb

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Download scsh-0.6_0.6.7-7_i386.deb

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