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Internet Key Exchange daemon - DKMS source

Openswan is an IPsec based VPN solution for the Linux kernel. It can use the native IPsec stack as well as the KLIPS kernel module. Both IKEv1 and IKEv2 protocols are supported.

For support of the old-style KLIPS ipsecX network interfaces a custom kernel module is needed.

This package contains source code for the Openswan IPsec kernel module, which can be used with DKMS so that local kernel images are automatically built and installed every time relevant kernel packages are upgraded.

Kernel versions >= 2.6.23 no longer need to be patched to provide NAT Traversal support for KLIPS.

Package version:1:2.6.37-3


openswan for Debian

1) General Remarks

This package has been created from scratch with some ideas from the
freeswan 1.3 package by Tommi Virtanen and the freeswan 1.5 package by
Aaron Johnson merged in. Most of the (already removed) code in debian/rules
for creating the linux-patch-openswan package was initially taken from Tommi
Virtanen's package, but had been mostly rewr


This is a quick packaging up of my blowfish code into a library.
It has been lifted from SSLeay.
The copyright notices seem a little harsh because I have not spent the
time to rewrite the conditions from the normal SSLeay ones.

Basically if you just want to play with the library, not a problem.

eric 15-Apr-1997


There are blowfish assembler generation scripts. version is for the pentium and is my original version, which is faster on the pentium pro.

When using a, the pentium pro/II is %8 slower than using  When using a, the pentium is %16 slower

So the default is


The perl scripts in this directory are my 'hack' to generate
multiple different assembler formats vi


* RCSID $Id: README.openswan-2,v 1.1 2003/12/10 01:07:49 mcr Exp $



zlib 1.1.4 is a general purpose data compression library.  All the code
is thread safe.  The data fo


The only changes made to these files for use in FreeS/WAN are:

 - In zconf.h, macros are defined to


		libdes, Version 4.01 10-Jan-97

		Copyright (c) 1997, Eric Young
			  All rights reserved.


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