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Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) headers and libraries

ASIS (Ada Semantic Interface Specification) lets you develop applications to walk through the sources of your Ada programs and examine the semantic constructs.

This package lets you build ASIS applications with GNAT.

Package version:2005-5



This ASIS-for-GNAT 2005 GPL Edition, released on 2005-09-14 together
with GNAT GPL 2005 Edition.  It also compiles and works fine with GCC
4.1.1, provided you disable assertions (i.e. do not compile with
-gnata), due to changes in sinfo.adb from GNAT GPL 2005 Edition to GCC
4.1.  sinfo.adb is part of libgnatvsn4.1.

ASIS-for-GNAT 2006, released together with GNAT GPL 2006, builds bu


This file describes the structure and the contents of the ASIS-for-GNAT
distribution and explains how to install ASIS-for-GNAT.

For more information about ASIS-for-GNAT see the following documents:

1. The ASIS-for-GNAT User's Guide explains how to build tools with
   ASIS-for-GNAT and describes how to create and maintain an ASIS Context
   to be used with ASIS-for-GNAT, as well as other efficien


1 What is display_source ?

display_source is an Asis application we used for Traverse_Element and Asis
testing. It's an application that can be used too as a basis for applications
that imply a modification of the sources. It's based on the generic procedure
Traverse_Element and the various funtionalities provided by display_source
correspond to different actions on eac


[This README should be converted into the corresponding section
in the ASIS Users Guide]

This subdi


[All the readme files from the 'tutorial' subdirectory should be converted
into the corresponding se


For doing this part of the ASIS tutorial, you should have the
executable of the asistant tool built,


This directory contains exercises for building ASIS applications
based on general traversal of ASIS 


Task 1:
The initial version of the metrics tool should compute the
following metrics for each

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