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libg3d development package

G3d is a library to load and manipulate various 3d-modell files. It can handle: * 3D Studio (.3ds, .prj) * LightWave (.lw, .lwb, .lwo) * Alias Wavefront (.obj) * Impulse TurboSilver / Imagine (.iob) * AutoCAD (.dxf) * Quake II Models (.md2) * Quake III Models (.md3) * Neutral File Format (.nff) * 3D Metafile (.3dmf, .3mf, .b3d) * Caligari TrueSpace Objects (.cob) * Quick3D Objects & Scenes (.q3o, q3s) * VRML 1.0 files (.wrl, .vrml) * AC3D objects (.ac, .acc) * LeoCAD Models (.lcd) * Racer car models (.ar, .dof) * Ultimate Stunts car models (.glb)) * VDrift car models (.joe, .car) Libg3d can be enhanced by installing plugins. With these plugins libg3d can load textures from files. For loading bmp and sgi files, please install libg3d-plugins. For other formats (everything gdkpixbuf can handle) install libg3d-plugin-gdkpixbuf.

This package contains everything which is needed to link against libg3d0.

Package version:0.0.6-6


libg3d (0.0.6-6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Remove Timo Schneider as Maintainer and change it to myself
    (Closes: #507390)

 -- Sven Eckelmann <>  Mon, 01 Dec 2008 00:36:03 +0100

libg3d (0.0.6-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Replace maintainer with first Uploader in
  * Build depend on flex to fix warning of libg3d plugin loader



Changes since version 0.0.5:
	* plugins: try to detect file type with libmagic if available
	* general: there are some minor API changes which require the
		reconfiguration and recompilation of programs using libg3d
	* imp_flt: very basic model support for OpenFlight
	* imp_r4: basic support for Reflections/Monzoom models
	* imp_glb: texture support
	* doc: a little bit more API documentation



Upstream-Name: libg3d
Upstream-Maintainer: Markus Dahms <>

Files: *
Copyright: Copyright 2005-2006, Markus Dahms <>
Copyright: Copyright 2006, Romain Behar
Copyright: Copyright 2006, Oliver Dippel
Copyright: Copyright 2006, Marek Lindner 

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