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GTK+ Foundation Classes Core - debug symbols

GTK+ Foundation Classes (GFC) is a set of integrated C++ foundation classes for developing GTK+ applications.

GFC-Core is a collection of C++ modules that form the core of the GFC library upon which other modules, such as GFC-UI, are built.

GFC-Core modules include a C++ wrapper for GLib, a UTF8 string class, automatic memory management, a typesafe C++ signal and slots system.

This package provides the debug symbols needed to debug programs that use GFC-Core.

Package version:2.3.1-7


GFC-Core: GTK+ Foundation classes (Core library)
Copyright (C) 2002-2004, The GFC Development Team.

This is the unstable development release version 2.3.1 that will 
eventually become the stable release series 2.4.x. Although only
a beta release you should find GFC 2.3.1 quite stable.

1. The History of GFC.
GFC is a third generation source code base so it has been around


Overview of Changes from Inti 1.2.0 to GFC-Core 2.3.1
 - New Signal System optimized for size, speed and performance. 
 - Uses the new libsigc2 C++ callback library.
 - Wrapped C objects passed to slot functions connected via class
   proxy signals.
 - GFC objects can now be created dynamically or on the stack. 
   Objects created on the stack 


gfccore (2.3.1-7) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/patches/03_fix_g++_4.3_build.dpatch: Fixes build with g++ 4.3
    (Closes: #472563).
  * debian/control: 
    - make debug package Priority: extra
    - make documentation package Section: doc
    - Standards-Version bumped to 3.7.3. Change needed:
      - Replaced uses of ${Source-Version} by ${binary:Version}
  * debian/copyright: Added proper 


2004-08-24  Jeff Franks  <>

	* Released GFC-Core 2.3.1 - unstable development release




Jeff Franks <>


This package was debianized by Goedson Teixeira Paixao <> on
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 09:2

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