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development files for the Gutenprint printer driver library

This package contains the header files for the Gutenprint library, along with a static version of libgutenprint.

Install this package if you wish to develop programs that use libgutenprint.

This is Gutenprint version 5.0.2, a stable release in the 5.0 series.

Gutenprint is the print facility for the GIMP, and in addition a suite of drivers that may be used with common UNIX spooling systems using GhostScript or CUPS. These drivers provide printing quality for UNIX/Linux on a par with proprietary vendor-supplied drivers in many cases, and can be used for many of the most demanding printing tasks. Gutenprint was formerly known as Gimp-Print.

Package version:5.0.2-4


Welcome to Gutenprint 5.0.2!  Please read these notes carefully.



    This is Gutenprint version 5.0.2, a stable release of Gutenprint
    5.0.  Gutenprint, formerly named Gimp-Print, is a suite of printer
    drivers that may be used with most common UNIX print spooling
    systems, including CUPS, lpr, LPRng, or o


<title>The Gutenprint FAQ</title>

<h2>Gutenprint FAQ</h2>


<p><li><h3>Is it only for Gimp?</h3>

<p>No, it can be used for many printing needs. Gimp-print started out
as a driver for The Gimp, the well known image manipulation program.
Early in development versions for Ghostscript and later CUPS were
added.  The emphasis is still on quality color printing, thoug


gutenprint (5.0.2-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/
    - Add back cupsys-driver-gutenprint as a transitional package to
      ease upgrades to cups-driver-gutenprint (Closes: #491331).
    - cups-driver-gutenprint additionally replaces
      cupsys-driver-gimpprint and cupsys-driver-gimpprint-data to ease
      upgrades from sarge.

 -- Roger Leigh <>  Mon, 28 Jul 


Welcome to Gutenprint 5.0.2!  Please read these release notes

Gutenprint, formerly named


This package was debianized by Roger Leigh <> on
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 17:42:06 +0000.


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