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Hardware Abstraction Layer - development files

HAL provides an abstract view on hardware.

This abstraction layer is simply an interface that makes it possible to add support for new devices and new ways of connecting devices to the computer, without modifying every application that uses the device. It maintains a list of devices that currently exist, and can provide information about those upon request.

This package contains files that are needed to build applications.

Package version:0.4.7-3sarge1


HAL is a hardware abstraction layer

See for lots of documentation, 
mailing lists, etc.


HAL 0.4.7 "I'm afraid, Dave."

Released Jan 24, 2005

 - Add support for PCMCIA cards if they are in sysfs (on 2.6.10-ish kernels)
 - Fix reporting of USB interface class
 - Make hald not crash if sysfs files are writable but not readable
 - Small h-d-m fix (Sjoerd Simons)
 - Fix a bug in libhal-storage where mount options were merged even
   though they were set to FALSE.



hal (0.4.7-3sarge1) testing-proposed-updates; urgency=high

  * Don't set the sync mount option by default on smaller drives (flash
    drives). Especially on newer kernels this can wear out media too fast.
    Warn against this in the example fdi file. (Closes: #309625)

 -- Sjoerd Simons <>  Wed, 18 May 2005 23:03:39 +0200

hal (0.4.7-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Remove 50-fsta


2005-01-24  David Zeuthen  <>

	* NEWS: Update for 0.4.7

	* Bump to 


Kay Sievers <>
Joe Shaw <>
David Zeuthen <>


This package was debianized by Martin Waitz <> on
Fri, 24 Oct 2003 22:54:43 +0200.


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