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Development files for the IJG JPEG library

The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG library is a library for handling JPEG files.

This package contains the debugging symbols for libjpeg.

Package version:6b-14


libjpeg6b (6b-14) unstable; urgency=low

  * The "Lino" release.
  * exifautotran:
    - fix typo in manpage. closes: #376371, thanks Reuben Thomas.
    - preserve file mode. closes: #383379, thanks Vincent Arkesteijn.
  * debian/control, debian/rules, debian/compat:
    + switch to debhelper v5
    + add libjpeg-dbg debugging package.
  * debian/rules: remove - before "make clean" rules.
  * Add 


CHANGE LOG for Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software

Version 6b  27-Mar-1998

jpegtran has new features for lossless image transformations (rotation
and flipping) as well as "lossless" reduction to grayscale.

jpegtran now copies comments by default; it has a -copy switch to enable
copying all APPn blocks as well, or to suppress comments.  (Formerly it
always suppressed 


This is Debian's prepackaged version of the `jpeg library' by the Independent
JPEG Group.

This package was created by Mark Mickan <> from sources
which can be found at

It is partly based on the libjpeg6a package originally put together by
Andy Guy <> and later maintained by Mark Mickan.

Current Debian main

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