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gtk development files for the lua language version 5.1

This package contains the development files of the gtk lua5.1 bindings, useful to create a statically linked binary (like a C application or a standalone lua interpreter).

Documentation and some examples are also shipped within this package.

Package version:0.8+20080510+dash-1


Gtk-2 Binding for Lua 5.1

After finding the combination of Python and Gtk2 somewhat bloated, I looked for
another possibility.  gtk-server (at is already a step in the
right direction, but for big projects it looks rather limited.  As the previous
lua-gnome project apparently is defunct, I wrote a small library to interface
Lua with Gtk-2.0 (currently L


Usage of hash tables in lua-gtk2

  This wrapper library has to find the expected parameters for a given Gtk
function before each call.  This information is not available from the Gtk
library at runtime, but it can be determined at compile time and included in
lua-gtk. Note that this is being used for ENUM values in the same way; just the
data part of the entries 


2005-07-24	first public release
2005-07-31	handle GValue, override.lua, interfaces
2007-06-17	Glade library, coroutines for HTTP, FTP, Socket I/O
2007-07-19	Windows build working again


lua-gtk (0.8+20080510+dash-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Patch to fix FTBFS when /bin/sh -> /bin/das


Tue Jul 12
* first version
* simple calls to a few functions through a static function table

Thu J


- current build status

	sparc: builds; all tests fail; gtk.window_new not found.
	powerpc: builds;


Wolfgang Oertl <>


This package was debianized by Enrico Tassi <>
Fri Dec 14 17:25:18 CET 2007

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