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Development files for the libmthca driver

libmthca is a device-specific driver for Mellanox InfiniBand host channel adapters (HCAs) for the libibverbs library. This allows userspace processes to access Mellanox HCA hardware directly with low latency and low overhead.

This package contains static versions of libmthca that may be linked directly to an application, which may be useful for debugging.


Package version:1.0.3-1



libmthca is a userspace driver for Mellanox InfiniBand HCAs.  It works
as a plug-in module for libibverbs that allows programs to use
Mellanox hardware directly from userspace.  See the libibverbs package
for more information.

Using libmthca

libmthca will be loaded and used automatically by programs linked with
libibverbs.  The ib_mthca kernel module mus


libmthca (1.0.3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
    - Fix various integer overflows.
    - Fix potential AB-BA deadlock when destroying QPs.
    - Add more forward compat against future libibverbs releases.
  * Build against libibverbs 1.0.4, with fixed sparc mb() definition.
    (Closes: #365559)
  * Improve package description.

 -- Roland Dreier <>  Thu,  9 


2006-11-09  Roland Dreier  <>

	* Release version 1.0.3.

2006-10-17  Roland Dreier  <>

	* src/cq.c, src/qp.c, src/srq.c: Convert existing uses of mb() to
	rmb() or wmb() as appropriate.  In fact all memory barriers were
	really just wmb(), except for the barrier between reading a CQE's
	ownership bit and contents, which should be rmb().

	* src/mthca.h: Add comp


Roland Dreier		<>
Michael S. Tsirkin	<>


Initial Debianization:
This package was debianized by Roland Dreier <> on
Thu, 28 A

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