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C++ library for ODBC SQL database access

libodbc++ is a C++ class library for accessing SQL databases. It is designed with standards in mind, so it provides a subset of the well-known JDBC 2.0(tm) and runs on top of ODBC on Windows and Unix/Linux.

This package contains the header files and static libraries which is needed for development.

Package version:0.2.3+0.2.4pre3-2


README for libodbc++						(1999-09-30)

For installation instructions, check doc/INSTALL.txt or if
you have a browser around, doc/INSTALL.html.

For programming examples, check the tests/ directory.

There's an almost complete class reference residing in
doc/progref/. If you don't find it enough, you can always
check the JDBC2.0 documentation.


README.jdbc							(1999-05-29)

This library aims for JDBC2.0 'compliance'. However, some differences
between Java and c++, as well as ODBC limitations (and lazy developers) 
cause incompatibilities. 

The following cannot be implemented because of limitations in ODBC:

   * The Struct, Ref, Blob, Clob and Array classes.
   * The getXXXStream() methods in CallableStatement.

Language differences c


Notes on the QT support in libodbc++:

The QT "support" means simply that std::string becomes QString,
std::istream becomes QIODevice and odbc::Bytes becomes QByteArray.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Date, Time and Timestamp are not mapped to QDate, QTime and QDateTime;
QDateTime's resolution is seconds, which is not enough for an SQL

For installation instructions, see doc/INSTALL.txt.


Notes on using libodbc++ in multithreaded applications.

The following classes are reentrant (ie. sa


* News in version 0.2.4pre3

	* Fixed Linux build for non-Unicode
	* Included missing files in distr


libodbc++ (0.2.3+0.2.4pre3-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Add 002_ftbs_64bit_fix.patch: Fix FTBFS on 


2005-09-27  Kerry W. Lothrop <>

	* src/datahandler.cpp: Use different defines if 


TODO list for libodbc++:


Browse inside libodbc++-dev_0.2.3+0.2.4pre3-2_i386.deb

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Download libodbc++-dev_0.2.3+0.2.4pre3-2_i386.deb

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