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development files for the SIP library

libosip2 header files and static libraries to assist in development of programs wishing to use SIP.

The oSIP library is written in C, is thread safe and has no dependencies except the standard C library.

oSIP could be used to implement an IP soft-phone as well as embedded SIP software. oSIP is not limited to endpoint agents implementations and can also be used to implement SIP proxies or registration services.

oSIP currently provides an API for the SIP message parser, SDP message parser, and library to handle "SIP transactions" as defined by the SIP standards (RFC3261).

Further information is available at <URL:>

Package version:2.2.0+2.2.1pre4-2



 The GNU oSIP library is an implementation of SIP - rfc3261.

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 License    : LGPL (
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"The GNU oSIP library" is part of the "GNU project".
You can check for more information about
being part of the "GNU p


libosip for Debian

 SIP (rfc3261) is a signalling protocol that initiates, modifies and
 terminates multimedia sessions. libosip is implement the transaction
 layer of the SIP protocol. SIP is a replacement for H323 which is
 close to MAIL and SMTP for both format and the transport protocol

 SIP is mainly used by IP telephony applications. Some applications


Apr 2003    : 2.0.0
	oSIP is becoming oSIP2. In fact, this new version is very close
	to the previous one but the API has been completely renamed in
	order to be more consistent. Source and include files have also
	been renamed to be more consistent and make oSIP more readable.

Jul 2002    : 0.8.8
	I have never tested the windows version myself. In fact, previous
	version	was broken du to a wrong


libosip2 (2.2.0+2.2.1pre4-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Maintainer change: Anand Kumria <wildfire@pr


libosip2 (2.2.1)
	* fix osip_body_clone method (add terminating NULL)
	* fix for binary support when


TODO file for oSIP.


Package: libosip2
This package was debianized by Aymeric Moizard <>

Obtained from: It


Yes, some bugs exists... :!

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Download libosip2-dev_2.2.0+2.2.1pre4-2_i386.deb

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